Social Media Mistake

KKImagewDrugI usually skip over the Kim Kardashian (KK) articles in the press but this one caught my eye because it mentioned the FDA.

It turns out the well-known celebrity had taken to social media in a sponsored Instagram post about the morning sickness drug Diclegis made by Duchesney. For those of you not up on tabloid news, KK is pregnant with her second child.

Because the Instragram post was the result of a formal partnership with the drugmaker, Duchesnay, the post should have met the requirements of drug marketing which requires substantial additional information and warnings about use.

The FDA notified Duchesnay of the violation of its online advertising rules. In response, Duchesnay promptly organized a second Instagram post from KK with lengthy disclaimers attached.

This incident highlights drugmakers’ emerging awareness of the value of social media especially using such powerhouses as KK but also the rules which must be followed.

The FDA has been proactive in issuing guidance for companies and products under its supervision as to the use of any online media, as described in a prior article (click here)

As this prior article notes, much of the information available online is not directly produced by or even under any control by the product’s maker.

If KK’s Instagram post had been a spontaneous expression of KK’s opinion of Diclegis and not a formal promotional campaign, there’s little that the FDA could have done.

Online information about medical devices and drugs remains a “wild west” running the gamut of disciplined FDA-guided marketing and completely unsupported opinions masquerading as medical information.

To read the article about KK’s Instagram adventure, click here.

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