SF Life Science Week Recap

IMG-20140112-00087Life science week in San Francisco this year, as every year, was a whirlwind of meetings, presentations and receptions.

Attendance this year, judged anecdotally by the crowds at events and the price and availability of hotel rooms, was larger than last year.

Weather in San Francisco was great, not too hot or too cold and no rain.

I was able to get meetings with most of the companies I had identified to meet for the first time or to simply catch up.

What was especially rewarding for me were the serendipitous (if that’s a word) meetings and presentations. I stumbled upon some great companies and people by accident by attending some presentations when I had a break in my schedule of meetings or by chatting with people I met in the hallways and on the street between events.

It makes sense that the event grows each year if other attendees find the same value in the week that I did.

I look forward to following up on my meetings this year and planning ahead for next year.