Should Doctors Consider the Cost of Care?

weighingcostsWhether doctors should consider the cost of treatment in recommending care is a growing issue facing the medical profession. It’s an issue which is likely to grow more common given the practical need to moderate health costs in the face of the demographic wave.

Excerpt from the New York Times – (Click here to read the full story)

“Saying they can no longer ignore the rising prices of health care, some of the most influential medical groups in the nation are recommending that doctors weigh the costs, not just the effectiveness of treatments, as they make decisions about patient care.

The shift, little noticed outside the medical establishment but already controversial inside it, suggests that doctors are starting to redefine their roles, from being concerned exclusively about individual patients to exerting influence on how health care dollars are spent.”

The US Congress is already staking a role in this issue as described in the related post – Congressional Hearing Pressuring Stock Price?