China’s Growing Presence In The Life Science Industry

LifeSciPlantWith the key diagnostics industry conference, the AACC, coming soon at the end of July in Atlanta, I recall notable items from last year’s event.

Certainly, one item is the increasing presence of Chinese companies, which I highlighted last year by noting, as example, the addition of AACC website pages in Chinese.

I believe the level of interest in the life science industry by Chinese investors and companies is growing. The special Chinese investor days at the January life science conference and Wilson Sonsini life science event are new additions to their agendas which reflect the growth of Chinese interest.

There are mixed emotions about the increasing Chinese presence.

For some companies, the availability of capital from China, provides a valuable supplement to or replacement for Western investment. Yes, the conventional wisdom is that there’s more talk than action but there are success stories, as previously reported (Click here).

As an example in diagnostics, one emerging company, Enigma Diagnostics, has been a recent beneficiary of investment from China (Click here).

For other diagnostic companies, the entrance of Chinese funded competitors signals greater competition in an already intense global battle. It’s the last thing needed.

Barring some dramatic reversal in the Chinese economy, however, the trend is likely to continue. I, for one, will continue to practice my Mandarin. Zàijiàn.